Steeve Jerome

Steeve Jerome

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker

L'ArtGens Alliance

All is possible to those who believe! This is what Mr. Jerome says both to himself and to his clients. It is also with this motto that he approaches his multiple projects. Ambitious, he combines work and passion so the time he gives to his clients is not counted in hours, but in successes.Everything is included in the business model that Mr. Jerome developed. His vision for the real estate market goes beyond property sales and purchases. Listening and personalized service are at the heart of each of its relationships. Thanks to his ability to bond with people, he often finds himself wearing the consultant hat.

« I am often told that I do a lot of projects; yes, but I do one thing at a time and I do it very well! I believe that trust is a good quality and through my work as a broker, I help people to believe in their dream, their potential and their purchasing power.

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Steeve Jerome

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