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Our leadership team, a crucial pillar for success!

Our leadership team, a crucial pillar for success!

At the core of our real estate agency, our six directors represent a vital link in the chain of success for our brokers. Going well beyond mere administrative roles, they possess the skills and knowledge necessary to truly support the brokers in our agency. Our leadership team provides exceptional moral, technological, legal, and motivational support, thus shaping an environment conducive to individual excellence. Whether you are a newcomer to the business or an experienced broker, our leaders would undoubtedly be a major asset to have in your professional toolkit.

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Our strength, our team!

RE/MAX du Cartier, it’s the story of a meteoric success, thanks to the competence and determination of its brokers, as well as its dedicated administrative staff and qualified, available directors.

  • Serge Brousseau
    Serge Brousseau

    Mr. Brousseau obtained his real estate brokage license in 1986. Having achieved rapid success, he was named director of the agency of which he was assigned. Soon after, he became director of RE/MAX Outremont, where he would realize his goal of eventually opening his own branch. in 1995, he opened his first branch, located in Plateau Mont-Royal. His determination and charismatic charms quickly rendered him the indisputable reference in real estate. In 1997, Mr. Brousseau purchased the Outremont branch where he had once been director. Due to his favorable reputation, he was elected in the same year as president of the Greater Montreal Real Estate Board.

    His success would continue, as a few years later, he would acquire the Town of Mount-Royal branch. As a recognized dominant figure in the real estate profession, he succeeded to become president of the OACIQ administrative council (Organisme d’autoreglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec), a position that he held with upmost professionalism for twelve years.

    During this period, M. Brousseau opened a new branch in the Villeray district (Little Italy) in a modern and sophisticated locale. He would also become proprietor of the Westmount and Notre-Dame-de Grâce agencies. Unfortunately, the obligations required to manage these two extra locations became considerable and he withdrew himself from these agencies.

    Always actively implicated in the formation of brokers, Mr. Brousseau established the Collège d’Enseignement en Immobilier (CEI). A few years later, unable to refuse their offer, he relinquished the guides to RE/MAX Québec. Today, CEI is a recognized institution in the world of real estate in Montréal.

    In 2019, Mr. Brousseau proceeded to open a fifth branch, in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district and finally, in 2020, a fusion with RE/MAX Immo-Contact agency which has a storefront in Duvernay, Laval. It is a great accomplishment that RE/MAX du Cartier now consists of six branches comprised of over 310 brokers to serve its clients wherever they may be.

    This jack-of-all-trades still has many projects yet to be realized and will continue to execute his vision of innovation in a world in which he knows more than anyone: Real estate!

  • François Pesant
    François Pesant

    From a young age, François has been immersed in the demanding realm of sales and customer service. Over the years, he has gained solid expertise in negotiation, service and product marketing, and marketing strategies within prestigious, internationally renowned companies. He held leadership positions in the automotive industry for over 10 years.

    Armed with these learnings and an unwavering passion for real estate, he joined the RE/MAX network in 2011 and became part of the Cartier family in 2018. Actively involved in various business networks, his circle of contacts opened doors to numerous transaction opportunities, quickly making him the agency's top-performing individual broker. Over the years, he consistently leveraged his innate leadership to assist his colleagues, becoming an emblem of best practices among brokers. Many consider him a role model!

    Thanks to his rich experience in the real estate field and exceptional leadership, François is taking on a new challenge in his career in the fall of 2023: that of becoming the Vice President of the agency. In close collaboration with Serge Brousseau as a partner, he inaugurates a new era for RE/MAX du Cartier. His focus is on real estate brokerage practices and the financial aspect of the business, ensuring sound and advantageous management for the entire team.

  • Isabelle Malouf
    Isabelle Malouf
    Executive Agency Officer 

    Coming from the field of computer programming, Isabelle ventured into the realm of real estate in 2010. A natural leader, self-taught and seasoned trainer, her journey has consistently led her to share her knowledge—a quality she considers an asset, a ease, and above all, a great pleasure!

    Isabelle has worked in the real estate brokerage field for many years. She held the position of condominium manager for seven years, collaborated with a real estate developer on new construction projects, and gained two years of experience within the OACIQ.

    Since 2022, she has been a member of the board of directors of APCIQ, serving as the chair of the advertising committee for two years and as the chair of the real estate brokerage practices committee since 2023.

    As the agency leader at RE/MAX du Cartier since 2020, her diverse background makes her a solid resource when it comes to protecting your interests in any real estate transaction. Always available and smiling, brokers consider her a valuable asset in their toolkits!

  • Marc-Antoine Bondu
    Marc-Antoine Bondu
    Director of legal affairs  

    Marc-Antoine Bondu has been practicing law since 2011, and has a master’s degree in business administration. His passion for justice and real estate led him to handle litigation for the OACIQ. He acted as a legal counsel for the Office of the Syndic and pleaded many cases before the Disciplinary Board and the civil courts, at first instance and on appeal.

    Marc-Antoine Bondu perfected his expertise in professional and disciplinary law by joining a professional order’s management team, where he set up, revised and supervised the operations of several committees and regulatory processes. He also offered training on the ethical duties and obligations of professionals, and the role of orders and regulatory organizations regarding public protection. With this expertise, Marc-Antoine Bondu joined the ranks of RE/MAX du Cartier in 2021.

    His human and pragmatic approach is a valuable asset when it comes to problem-solving. He shares his knowledge in clear language and always favors the most effective solution for the parties involved in atransaction. Undoubtedly, his rigor and versatility make him a major ally in supporting the property brokers of RE/MAX du Cartier in their quest for excellence.

  • Paula Rodrigues
    Paula Rodrigues
    Director of Human Resources and Professional Development 

    A fully licensed real estate broker since 2002, Paula made the transition to the real estate world after a career in the legal field. She swiftly broadened her expertise by exploring the residential, condominium, and multiplex markets. Between 2017 and 2020, she further refined her knowledge by working with the Organisme d'autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACIQ).

    Throughout her career, Paula has held management positions, including serving as a director in other real estate agencies. She performed various roles, including employee and broker recruitment, as well as their integration and training. Subsequently, she shared her knowledge as an instructor at the Collège de l'immobilier du Québec, teaching groups of future agency leaders, primarily in the context of human resources courses.

    Beyond real estate transactions, she has always placed special importance on the human aspect. Whether in interactions with clients, colleagues, or staff members, Paula has had the privilege of encountering colorful, fascinating, and diverse personalities throughout her life, contributing to shaping the determined and passionate professional she is today.

    Her role at RE/MAX du Cartier? Ensuring the development and flourishing of brokers and staff members. She ensures the seamless integration of newcomers and supports them in advancing their careers. Her mission is to maximize the performance of individuals, regardless of the stage of their respective careers.

  • Patrick Boucher
    Patrick Boucher
    Directeur adjoint 

    It was in July 2003 that Patrick embarked on his career in the real estate brokerage world, demonstrating from the outset a constant commitment to improvement and success. Over the years, he also worked as a technical appraiser within an appraisal firm.

    His determination to remain at the forefront of his field and provide superior quality services to his clients quickly led him to engage in personal development, benefiting from continuous coaching over several years, aiming to consistently become a better broker and a better person.

    This support also led him to become a real estate coach himself, generously sharing his knowledge and expertise with his colleagues. His ability to listen attentively to those with whom he interacts makes him a dedicated and empathetic individual. His exceptional charisma is a major asset in his relationships with colleagues, facilitating harmonious collaboration and mutual support in their respective missions and successes.

    Passionate about new challenges, he officially accepted a leadership position within the agency in 2023. His primary role? Supporting brokers to ensure the smooth running and success of each real estate transaction.

  • Lyne Benoit
    Lyne Benoit
  • Martine Corriveau
    Martine Corriveau
    Executive Assistant 
  • Sandrine Daoust
    Sandrine Daoust
    Coordonnatrice des projets marketing 
  • Angèle McCabe
    Angèle McCabe
    Coordonnatrice aux ventes 
  • Priscilla Constance
    Priscilla Constance
    Coordonnatrice du développement professionnel 
  • Santino Cotoia
    Santino Cotoia
    Coordonnateur des ressources humaines & des inscriptions 
  • Serge Brousseau Serge Brousseau
  • François Pesant François Pesant
  • Isabelle Malouf Isabelle Malouf
  • Marc-Antoine Bondu Marc-Antoine Bondu
  • Paula Rodrigues Paula Rodrigues
  • Patrick Boucher Patrick Boucher
  • Lyne Benoit Lyne Benoit
  • Martine Corriveau Martine Corriveau
  • Sandrine Daoust Sandrine Daoust
  • Angèle McCabe Angèle McCabe
  • Priscilla Constance Priscilla Constance
  • Santino Cotoia Santino Cotoia

10 reasons to pursue a career with RE/MAX du Cartier

The power of teamwork

Because RE/MAX du Cartier is comprised of almost 200 brokers who are committed to a successful professional life.

Personalized coaching

Because brokers are mentored and coached by four qualified and proactive directors to ensure their future success. It's an experience you can count on.

Strategically located

Because RE/MAX du Cartier's six agencies are located in some of the most active areas, which ensures a successful outcome for the brokers.


Because our agency offers a one-of-a-kind training plan comprised of short training videos that let you earn CEUs, an integration program, monthly real estate market information and more to all its brokers,

High visibility

"More views… more sales!" Because RE/MAX du Cartier provides great visibility on all of its social media accounts, its website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, La Presse+, etc.

Promotional tools

Because our agency offers adequate promotional tools so that its brokers can stand out at a lower cost. With promotional flyers, personalized mailing, and more;

Dedicated administrative staff

Because our agency's support staff is dedicated and experienced and closely monitors client files in order to meet and even exceed the requirements of the Real Estate Brokerage Act.

50% of the market share

Because RE/MAX du Cartier holds nearly 50% of total market share in its business segments, thus guaranteeing the success of its brokers. (Source Centris)

"Strength in numbers!"

Because RE/MAX du Cartier promotes values of teamwork and mutual assistance.

Work with the best

Because our annual sales volume is over 1 billion $ makes us the most successful agency in Québec. Join the best! (Source: Centris, December 2020)

Why RE/MAX du Cartier ?

RE/MAX du Cartier is known for its ambience, professionalism, great work environment, support for the broker, and as such, as the perfect place to take your career to the next level.

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Accompanying new brokers

After obtaining your brokerage license, we offer you a training program and all the necessary support so that you can carry out transactions quickly. Our management team is experienced, competent and efficient. It works for you to become too, as soon as possible.

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