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10 reasons to make a career with RE/MAX du Cartier

The power of teamwork

Because RE / MAX du Cartier, is almost 200 brokers who gave themselves a mandate to succeed in their professional life;

Personalized coaching

Because its brokers are accompanied and "coached" by four directors competent and dynamic to ensure their success. Experience you can count on;

Strategically located

Because RE / MAX du Cartier has four agencies in sectors where real estate brokerage is most active, which is a guarantee of success for its brokers;


Because our agency offers a training plan unique to all its brokers, with video information capsules giving right to obtaining your UFC, an integration program, monthly information related to real estate activities, etc. . Enabling you to achieve a high level of competence and service offerings;

High visibility

«More seen... more sold!» Because RE / MAX du Cartier offers high visibility to all of its Social media, its website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, La Press +, etc;

Promotional tools

Because our agency offers adequate promotional tools so that its brokers can stand out at a lower cost. With promotional flyers, personalized mailing, and more;

Dedicated administrative staff

Because our agency is supported by a dedicated administrative staff and experience, which ensures a rigorous follow-up of the files in order to respect and surpass the required by the Real Estate Brokerage Act;

50% of the market share

Insurance of success for its brokers. Because RE / MAX du Cartier holds almost 50% of the market share in its business sectors; (Source Centris)

«Unity is strength!»

Because teamwork and self-help are part of the values ​​that value RE / MAX du Cartier;

Work with the best

Because we are the most efficient agency in Quebec in terms of volume of annual sales, or nearly 600 million. Partner with the best! (Source Centris)

Why RE/MAX du Cartier ?

RE/MAX du Cartier is: ambience, professionalism, appropriate working environment, support to the broker, the ideal place to propel your career. Watch the video to know us better.

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Accompanying new brokers

After obtaining your brokerage license, we offer you a training program and all the necessary support so that you can carry out transactions quickly. Our management team is experienced, competent and efficient. It works for you to become too, as soon as possible.

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