Clarisse Tillier

Clarisse Tillier

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Born and raised in France, Clarisse has always been passionate and fascinated by homes, design and the art of living well within beautiful surroundings. She was instinctively drawn to the field of Interior design and her studies led her to an expertise in ´objet d’art ´ as well as law. The following six years were dedicated to a handson learning experience with some of the leading, highend interior design firms in France that specialized in serving a distinguished and refined clientele.

French by birth and a Montrealer since 2004 by choice, Clarisse knows firsthand, from her own experience, the specific challenges related to creating a new life in a new country. Her expertise and value lie in her in-depth knowledge of what it takes for a foreign buyers to pur chase in the Montreal area as well as the vast network of contacts that she has made over the years that have helped her successfully navigating obstacles for both her and her clientele.

Due to her intricate knowledge of the city and her real estate experience, Clarisse is always able to hone in and identify suitable properties that fit her client’s specific needs.

As a perfectionist with an exceptional and discerning eye for detail, Clarisse is always present for every step of the transaction and accompanies buyer and or sellers to the Notary to make sure that what started well, ends well. Her belief is that the experience of buying and selling real estate must not only culminate is a satisfactory transac tion for all parties but that the process should also be enjoyable and as stress free as possible.
Clarisse Tillier

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