Raphaëla Pradieu

Raphaëla Pradieu

Residential Real Estate Broker

REMAX Tranquilli-T

Like you, I have to work hard to juggle my professional and family life. Like you, each day brings new challenges and opportunities. You are asking yourself as I do, how do I find an expert to assist me in conquering the challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities?

Selling or buying real estate is both a tremendous opportunity but also very challenging. With more than 10 years of experience in business management, communication, consumer services, and marketing combined with detailed training in the legal aspects of property ownership, I can navigate the challenges for you so you can turn your real estate opportunities into successful and satisfying transactions. I know qualified and experienced notaries and I know what they need to see to solve your complex real estate challenges. Simply, I know how to make successful real estate transactions happen for you. From negotiations, to the details at the bank I’m on your side from beginning to successful completion. As you would expect I’m also a qualified real estate broker.

Helping you achieve your real estate purchase is my ultimate goal but I also understand that you need a champion in your corner. I’m your dedicated champion and I look forward to seeing you in your new project.

Raphaëla Pradieu

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